Backseated participatory performance, 18 min, Copenhagen, 2022

Concept and script by Marie Vedel and Tringa Gashi

Starring Hilmi Gashi, Marie Vedel and Tringa Gashi

Documentation film featuring Jiawei Zheng

Graphic design by Hilda Holmdahl

In Backseated, the audience is invited for a car ride through the center of Copenhagen. In the performance the car is at first an imaginary setting and later a physical location. The participant meets up with a performer and is handed a phone. Through a phone call the participant receives instructions referring to both real and fictitious elements; To walk down a street while following a score of movements. At one point the participant is told to jump into a car. A roll of pink chewing gum lying in the backseat, connects the interactive movements of the audience to a story recited by the driver of the car, so that the choreography is woven together with this monologue.

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